Hard To Find

Over the years we have had to search high and low for parts for our car and for some reason the parts we always end up needing our the ones that we can not get our hands on no matter were we look. A couple years ago we were needing a driver side door mirror. In white preferably. You wouldn’t think that it would be that hard to find. Well it was. We combed all the local and non local auto parts stores, we searched junk yards and called dealers all without avail. Finally after spending a few hours searching online, Mike was able to order a black mirror. When it arrived in the mail we gave a sigh of relief and hoped that we wouldn’t have to deal with it again. But of course that is not how life works. Just a few weeks ago we had to go on the hunt again. This time for a transverse spring. Of course calls to auto parts stores, junk yards and dealers turned up nothing. And after pounding our heads on the desk for a few weeks my step-brother informed us that he was able to find a transverse spring for our make and model at a junk yard in Ohio. Another sign of relief. But what happens when we are forced to be on the prowl for another hard to find part? Next time it shouldn’t be as much of a hassle cause I will use myusedautoparts.com.

Myusedautoparts.com is a nifty site that allows for auto parts requests. You submit a part request and vendors who have that part will send you quotes. No more having to run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off trying to find that part. You just sit back and let the part come to you.

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