One of the pluses with buying a fixer upper is that you can treat yourself with new items for your home. Why not? You worked hard so you deserve to treat yourself right? Well hopefully we will get to do that some day soon, after we get our house finished of coursed. But sometimes I just can not wait and I go ahead and reward my self a little early.

I am looking forward to Mike and I having our own room and Raven is too. The best part in my opinion will be decorating and I am itching to start that project. I want Raven’s room to look like a young lady’s room probably with the colors pink and green. As far as our room I was thinking about decorating it in some type of Japanese style since Mike and I both have a love for Japan. And of course we would have to get a nice serta mattress. But when it comes right down to it we will just probably go with whatever we can afford.

The 3rd room upstairs was originally going to be the 2nd guest room but Mike and I would much rather turn it into a home theater and game room. And I found the theater seating that I must have. It’s called the Cosmopolitan and is available online at GalleryFurniture.com which is a Houston furniture store. The Cosmopolitan is a must for any movie/game room. Of course I would need three to four of them along with some of my favorite movie posters framed and hung on the wall. Ahh, the pleasure of daydreaming.

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