Dress Up Naruto

Raven loves the internet. She is constantly online playing games, visiting various children activity sites and watching cartoon clips on youtube. And I am always searching online for new web sites suitable for her, something that she would have fun with.

The other day I was doing just that and I ran across Cartoon Doll Emporium which features all kinds of dress up games, quizzes and girl theme arcade games. It is the largest online gathering for fans of The Disney Channel TV shows and celebrities such as Emma Roberts chat on the website at least once a month.

Raven will probably like it the best cause Cartoon Doll Emporium specialize in original anime character dress up dolls and Raven has a soft spot in her heart for just about all things anime. And when she finds out you can dress up anime characters like Naruto, whom she loves just about as much as Pokemon, I will probably never pry her away from the computer.

Of course before I introduce Raven to it I will sign up and see what it is like.


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    August 20, 2007 at 4:11 am

    Just thought I’d be helpful and let you know that link is wrong. It has your domain on there and listing cartoondollemporium.com as a directory in your site. You have to put links as http://www.domain.com or they get caught in your base reference. =)

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    August 20, 2007 at 9:06 am

    Thanks so much Christine!

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