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So with the phone companies charging outrageous price for a simple land line phone plan Mike and I have decided to start looking into internet phone service. And while browsing online today I came across Packet8 and after browsing there site and checking out their service plans I am thinking this may be the way to go. I think the plan we would end up going with would be the Freedom Unlimited plan. It offers unlimited local and long distance calls throughout the United States. Plus unlimited calls to Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, France, Italy, Ireland, Spain and United Kingdom. The whole unlimited calls to those countries outside the United States is not something that we would probably use that often but the unlimited calls inside the USA would be great. Our family is spread throughout this great country and keeping in contact with them through phone calls can get a little pricey. The best part of this plan is that is only cost $24.99 a month! That’s a fraction of what we are now paying for our phone service!

Plus they offer some very cool Video Phone that I can just picture sitting on our computer desk in the living room. But I am torn between two of their Video Phones, The DV326 and the Tango VTA.

The DV326 has both high-quality and full-motion video and can be used over any broadband internet connection.

But I could also go with the Tango VTA which will allow me to use my regular home phone with my broadband internet connection. And it will also give me the same high-quality and full-motion video as the DV326.

They also offer a PBX business phone service for any of you that have your own small business like us.

I guess I’ll just leave the phone decision up to Mike.

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