Doing It Yourself

The house that we are currently living in, and have been living in for almost seven years, was / is a fixer upper that is going to take a lot of work to get it looking nice. Mike and I bought this house knowing just that. But we actually had no clue just how much needed to be done and how hard it was going to be to do it. Basically we got in over our heads.

The old saying that knowledge is power is pretty true in most cases. And since we had very little, if any, knowledge regarding do it yourself home repairs it pretty much meant we had no power. LOL.

The one thing that Mike and I both figured out pretty easily how to do our self was drywall. That right there was / is the easiest thing for us to do, in my opinion anyway. But for everything else it was pretty much a touch and go operation. Somethings turned out fine while other things completely blew up in our face. Of course now that we are selling our home is the time I run across a great open and free community called DoitYourself.com where they offer thousands of articles on do it yourself home improvements along with an active forum that have people in the same situation as us talking about their projects. It’s actually a great place to get advice and ideas and also offers some do it yourself DVDs that you can buy. If only I had known about this site before I am sure some of our tries at doing it ourselves wouldn’t of failed.

I’m sure the new house we get will have some problems at some time that Mike and I will have to address so it’s probably a good idea to go ahead and bookmark DoitYourself.com just incase.

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