Teak Wood

Has anyone ever heard of teak wood furniture? I hadn’t until today. Teak wood is naturally durable and can handle extreme weather which makes it great for boats and outdoor furniture. It is more expensive then most wood but it is not uncommon for teak garden furniture to last 70 years sitting outside through all the elements. Hearing that this type of wood is made to last peaked my curiosity especially since everything now a days seems to break down in a few years. So I did a quick search online and came across a wonderful online store that sells beautiful handcrafted teak wood items at an affordable price.

Teakwoodpatiofurniture.com is your one stop shop for these beautiful pieces of furniture. I looked through all their teak benches, furniture sets and teak chairs and founded many items that I would love to own. One in particular that caught my eye was their teak wood Banana Bench. I would love to have that sitting in the middle of my garden! And since teak wood furniture last so long this would be something that I could pass down to Raven when she gets older.

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    misty wagner
    September 30, 2007 at 2:39 am

    thanks for the tip! I have been casually searching for outdoor furniture to purchase next spring, but like you, wanted something durable. (right now we have metal and canvas. Beautiful, brand new, but HUGE mistake!

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