Yesterday Was Just Not My Day

Welp, the title says it all.

Yesterday started out innocently enough. Like every other week day I got Raven up and off to school. Then proceeded to do my normal run of the mill every day things. Do some posts, housework, more posts, followed by more housework, bug Mike some, cook, clean, bug Mike some more, then when Raven gets home from school bug her, and play Halo 3. You know, your average everyday things.

But I did not know the terror that was awaiting me.

At about 7pm Mike decided he was going to pull himself away from the Xbox 360 and go out fishing before he gets to cold. So after he left I told Raven it was time to go take her bath cause The Office was on at 9 tonight and I wanted her in bed by 8:58. So we mosey on upstairs and as she was in the bathroom bathing I figure I could get some things boxed up and pack in our upstairs bedroom.

So there I was, humming the theme song to Magnum P.I. (WTF! I know! I had it stuck in my head for some reason, I swear I haven’t seen that show in years), minding my own business when all of a sudden there was something buzzing by my ear. Thinking it was just a fly I shooed it away. Not 6 seconds later there was a horrible sting on the back of my neck. I let out a yell and instinct brought my right hand to the back of my neck. All of a sudden, while my hand was on the back of my neck, there was a sting on my pinky finger and I felt something that was buzzing fall down the back of my shirt.

This is when panic set in.

I started to dance around the bedroom like I have never danced before in my life screaming for Raven to get in here NOW! All the while the buzzing insect just kept on buzzing inside the back of my shirt.

Raven comes walking in the bathroom dripping wet with a towel wrapped around her. She sees me dancing around the bedroom and bursts out laughing. After a few seconds of me threatening her life if she doesn’t stop laughing and help me get this thing out of my shirt, she finally made her way over to me and low and behold there was nothing in the back of my shirt. But I did have a swollen pinky finger and what looked to be 2 to 3 wasp or hornet stings on the back of my neck.

I never did find the damn thing that stung me. But if I do, I swear I will ripe it’s damn wings off!


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    October 5, 2007 at 5:14 pm

    I hate getting stung..I was stung by a yellow jacket a few weeks ago. I ran in the house, shut the sliding glass door, and he and a friend were still trying to get to me. They are determined little things..

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    October 7, 2007 at 8:39 pm

    Ouch! I would have been screaming too! Those wasp things scare the crap outta me…. :rbangry:

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