Poker for Mac

I am not a poker player. In all honesty I have not a clue how to play poker. My card game knowledge is limited to war and crazy eights. I know, pretty pathetic. But my husband knows how to play and I have been contemplating asking him to teach me. Cause poker seems to be pretty hot and I do not want to be kept out of the loop.

Anywho, the other day I was being curious about the whole poker thing and I came across a really cool site for any Mac users out there who love poker.

It’s called Mac Poker and they have taken the tedious task of hunting down all the best places for Mac users to play poker for free or, if you are the gambling type, for real money. They even give you info on PokerStars Mac and have Online Casino Bonuses!

This site is easy to navigate through, very well laid out and filled with useful info that is sure to please all mac loving poker players out there!

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