On one of my previous posts I talked about Paris, France and how that was not really one of the places I was dying to visit. Well, unlike Paris I would kill to visit the UK.

Places like Scotland, Ireland and England are ones that I feel would give me the most out of a holiday abroad. Of course I would stay posh London hotels and would have to make my way over to Liverpool to see the birth place of my favorite band of all times, The Beatles. And I would do the typical tourist things such as seeing Big Ben.

Then I would make my way on over to Scotland (so I could swoon over all the men with those accents) and stay at either some Edinburgh Hotels or Glasgow Hotels. And with my love of the paranormal it would be a must for me to visit Lochness in hopes of seeing Nessie!

Unfortunately I do not see me being able to afford that type of a trip anytime soon. Hopefully someday.

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