In November of 2004 my dad and step-mom got Mike and I a day trip to New York City, some place that I have been dying to go to since like forever. So needless to I was a little more then excited. We had to go to my dad’s house in Ohio cause that is where the bus (one of those nice luxury buses that has TVs and sets that recline back) would be picking us up. And since my dad and step-mom are so freaking awesome that kept Raven for us while we were on the trip. I of course brought my camera and four extra sets of batteries so I could take loads and loads of pictures.

The drop off point inside New York City was at Macy’s and once you were off the bus it was up to you to decide what you wanted to do. And even though I would of loved to taken in some type of Broadway show, we pretty much just ended up running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off trying to get in as many sites as possible and soaking up all the cool New York City ambiance.

Of course before we even got there we had all ready decided that we had to go to Strawberry Fields in Central Park since we love The Beatles.

I hope to go back to NYC someday soon and while I am at it I could swing on over to Washington DC cause I have never been there or possible look into some Charleston Tours down in South Carolina.

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