The last couple . . . more like three . . . well . . . possibly closer to four weeks have been extremely stressed. I have all kinds of crap going on and I am trying my damnedest to not get overly frustrated. To keep what calm and cool I have and not blow up on anyone. And let me tell you it is harder then hell to keep my temper at bay. And today will be an ultimate test of my will power because I have to go to the DMV. Yep. And I have to deal with people who say things to me like “No, you can not use that to prove your residency because it’s a PO Box and you don’t live in a PO Box do you?” I should just tell them “Yes, yes I do live in a PO Box and with how I have the furniture arrange it gives it a more spacious feel”. But they pretty much have me by the balls, since they can decided to not help me and keep me waiting there until I die. What I find funny . . . possibly sad . . . is that they will not except my ID that I got from them a few years back cause it says PO Box listed as my address. They will not except any form of ID or any types of utility bills that isn’t a street address but they themselves will give out IDs with a PO Box address and then in return will not accept them as proof of residency. Just thinking about heading to the DMV is giving me a headache. Ugh.

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    October 18, 2007 at 12:40 pm

    Ugh I hate the DMV too. I just don’t understand why it is always so crowded, no matter which DMV you go to…they are always so friggen crowded. all the time. Haha, I dare you to say you live in a PO Box. The receptionist wouldn’t know what to say haha. :shifty:

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