Really Sick Girl

We took Raven to medbrook this afternoon at about 4 pm. Usually it takes a little while to actually be called back into one of the exam rooms but not this time. Right after I signed Raven in they called us to the third chair to get all her information. This took only a few minutes and before you knew it we were sent back to wait for the nurse to call us. We had just set back down when they called for us to go to exam room three. So that’s were Raven and I headed. We waited only a few moments for the nurse to come in. She asked the normal questions like age, weight, symptoms. And then told us the doctor would be right in. And this time it wasn’t a lie. The doctor came in, looked in Raven’s ears, looked in her mouth and then listened to her heart beat. The doctor said she sounded congested so they were going to check her white blood count and get a chest x-ray. When she said that I was damn near stunned. I just thought they where going to give her some antibodies just like every other time we took her to Medbrook. After the doctor left the room I explained to Raven that to check her white blood cell count they were going to have to draw some blood with a needle. She was just a little scared but was happy that she brought along her stuffed Pikachu. The nurse comes in and draws some blood (without any problems) and then sends her down the hall to get an x-ray of her chest. Come to find out she has upper something (not respiratory, I couldn’t make out what the doctor said cause she said it while rushing out of the room to work on the next patient) pneumonia. The doctor said she needs to stay home from school at least for another day. She gave her a prescription that we got filled at Target, since it is closer to medbrook then Walmart, and the cost of the prescription was $150 but thank the good Lord the medical insurance prescription plan thingy covered it all so we didn’t have to pay anything. And since she as pneumonia, had to have her blood drawn and an x-ray she said she should get something for having to go through all that, so she picked out a Pokemon fun kit at Target that had 3 figures, temporary tattoos and tons of stickers. She was also getting hungry while we waited for the prescription to be filled (which took only about 20 minutes) and wanted some pizza so we called ahead to Fox’s Pizza and stopped there on our way home to pick it up. After we got home she changed into her sleep outfit, ate pizza and drank Sprite while watching Goosebumps on Cartoon Network. After that she watched House with me. Her fever has gone down to 100.8 and as I type this she is laying on the bed playing her DS and watching Mike play Bioshock on the Xbox 360. And through all this what she is concerned about the most is whether or not she will be able to attend the Halloween party at school this Friday.


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    October 24, 2007 at 11:04 am

    I hope she feels better soon.

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    October 24, 2007 at 7:48 pm

    Aw, I hope Raven feels better soon and is able to go out trick-or-treating Halloween! 😥

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