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The reason I was going to the DMV Thursday was to take my written driving test for the first time. Yes, yes I am 27 and don’t have my license. The reason being is personal and if you really want to know shot me an email and I will tell you. The thing I find funny is that people gasp and give me a weird look when they find out I don’t drive. Forget the fact that I know how to wield, can cook extremely well, know how to speak more Japanese then normal Americans, know how to start a fire with a small piece of chocolate and an empty pop can (thanks to Survivor Man I now know many useless technics that I will probably never use), I am a force to be reckoned with when playing Scene It, I can put together anything as long as I have instructions to go along with it, I know what tools are what, I can change a flat tire, I take care of a 10 year old little girl, 28 year old man, german shepherd and a cat 24/7 without blinking an eye. I could sit here all day and type out all the things I can do but I just wanted to list some of things that I know of people not knowing how to do. Anywho, you can add driving to that list cause I passed my written test on the first try! So for all you jackass out there that gave me dirty looks for not having my licenses KISS MY ASS!


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    October 22, 2007 at 12:25 pm

    Yay! You and I got our licenses just months apart from each other; I feel special hehe. I know exactly what you mean; people were giving me weird looks and asking “Why don’t you..?” because I didn’t have my drivers license..and I’m 19. The test was easy though right? Good job, have fun driving around all over now!! :love:

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    October 23, 2007 at 10:20 am

    LOL you do kick ass! Getting your license is stressful I won’t even renew mine because I hate the DMV.

    I used to speak really good Japanese and I haven’t had anyone to say a word to in 10 years so I’m pretty much at a loss. I watch Heroes and go hey I know that word, etc. It’s pretty sad. Now if I ever go there I will be able to say where the potty at? That’s about it.

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