Trick or Treating

Raven was able to go out trick or treating Halloween night, which she was extremely happy. She got all dressed up in her Kakashi costume and we waited outside talking to my father in law until it turned six (trick or treating was from 6 to 7). We only waited about 5 minutes but it seemed “like forever” to Raven. We went up and down every street. Raven collected a pretty good bit of candy. Most adults didn’t know who she was suppose to be but she was more then happy to tell them all about Naruto. The look on some of the people’s faces were funny. I think they thought she was a boy, so when she started talking in her little girl voice it kinda threw them off. LOL.

After trick or treating was over we went down to my mom’s house so Raven could play a trick on her. I figured with Raven in her costume, that my mom wouldn’t recognize her (by the way, my mom’s nick name for Raven is Boo, this will be important later in the story). So Mike dropped Raven and I off a little ways before my mom’s house so they wouldn’t here the car and Raven and I ran up the road and while she knocked on the door I hid behind a tree. Raven walks up to the door and knocks. Trick or treating has now been over for about 20 minutes, but my mom opens the door and puts the bag of chips in Raven’s bag. And my mom just stands there waiting for this strange little kid the leave. Raven then asks don’t you know who I am. And pulls down her mask and says Boo. My mom still just stands there. She said later that she thought this kid was trying to scare her by saying Boo. The whole time I am behind the tree laughing my butt off because of the confused look on my mom’s face. Raven then tells her that it’s Raven and mom laughs and says she didn’t know it was her. We all go inside and talk for a little while and mom fills Mike up a bag with the left over goodies that they didn’t pass out. Afterwards, we headed on up to my mother in law’s, but Raven wasn’t able to fool her cause she was there when Raven got her costume. Heck, she was the one who bought it for her.

Here is what Kakashi from Naruto looks like.

And here is a Close up of Raven dressed as Kakashi.

Raven dressed as Kakashi from Naruto.

The Loot

Raven with her stash


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    November 2, 2007 at 10:36 pm

    Wow, Raven looks exactly like the cartoon character haha! And [aww] your poor mother haha! Great story. :tongue:

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    November 5, 2007 at 8:40 am

    Very cool costume! I have just recently heard about Naruto. My 10 year old had to explain it to me lol. 😀

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