Sensitive Teeth

A few month ago, Raven would complain about her teeth hurting her, seemingly for no reason. We later came to find out that she, like her father, has sensitive teeth. This has caused her some painful problems throughout the day. Her teeth will sometime hurt if it comes in contact with something cold, like ice cream or pop with ice in it. I looked into what could solve this problem and relieve her pain and found out that using sensitive toothpaste could really help her. So we took a trip to Walmart and bought toothpaste made for sensitive teeth. And after a few weeks of it not helping her, we tried a different brand. And when that brand was a bust we continued down the line trying brand after brand with no avail. That is until the other day when I stumbled across Biotene.

Biotene is a sensitive toothpaste that doesn’t just mask the problem of sensitive teeth, it resolves it! Not only does it protect against painful sensitivity but it also has Xylitol to help fight cavities, which is a must for any toothpaste that is going to be used on a 10 year old who loves candy!

Raven has been using Biotene for a few days and she hasn’t complained about her teeth bothering her at all! She tried those other toothpastes for weeks and her teeth would still bother her. But not with Biotene! She can even chew ice cream with out it causing her any pain!

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    November 7, 2007 at 6:01 pm

    Look at those Disney Cuties Jammies!

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