A couple of years ago the company that we had our home insurance with went out of business. We were then left with the task of finding a new company that would provide us with their services. That proved easier said then done. No company wanted to except us cause we have gas heaters, which is very common for older homes in our area and at that time many insurance companies where pulling stakes and leaving West Virginia. That left many residents in my great state without any insurance at all.

The companies that we tried told us we would have to get a furnace put in before they would expect us. Well that cost at least $5,000 something that we do not have right now to spend. They offered us life insurance, heck we could even get pet Insurance from them but not for our home. This put us in a pickle. We finally found a lovely company that was more then happy to take our business but they didn’t offer car insurance (our old company combined our home and car together) so we had to go with Geico for that.

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