My grandma, whom everyone calls Nan, is getting up there in age. And has every person knows that with age comes wisdom, aching joints and pain. Nan doesn’t really discuss her ailments. She would rather keep that information to herself. But when I visit Nan and here her groan from pain, I know she is suffering and needs to find some relief. So when I received a sample of Freeze It Gel I knew Nan would possibly benefit more from it then anyone else.

Nan tried the sample the night I gave it to her. She used it instead of her nightly routine of applying the generic bengay in which you can smell her before you see her. She liked it so much that she called me up the next morning asking me where she can get more of the Freeze It Gel. Nan went ecstatic when she found out it has Aloe and Vitamin E in it. When something has Aloe and Vitamin E added to it she just goes crazy for it! I think the thing that she loved the most about it, along with the quick pain relief, was the smell. She just keep talking about how it was virtually odorless something she isn’t use too with all those other joint pain creams and gels.

Freeze It will quickly relieve the pain of not only Arthritis but a slew of other painful problems such has pain in the muscles, back, shoulders, neck, knee, hip, even elbows!

The only thing is that Nan is on a tight budget and even though Freeze It only costs $9.99 for a 4oz tube (or a 3 fl. oz. roll on stick) that is still taking out a small chunk of her budget. And with all her medications, bills, groceries, and other monthly expenses sometimes even a small added cost can set everything askew. It was be extremely helpful if she could win a years free supply of Freeze It. That way she could get some relief without the added headache of other bill to pay for. Uh, the joys of getting old.

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