Kids Being Naughty? Just Call 555-Santa

Whenever it would get close to Christmas and Raven would start to not listen or get mouthy I would threaten her with if she didn’t behave I was going to give Santa Clause a call. Cause Santa gave out his private home phone number to all the parents to call if their children were being naughty.

One day Raven was being particularly mouthy and said she didn’t believe that I knew the number. When I told her I did, she asked me what the number was. Cause as she put it, if I really knew it I could tell her. So without thinking I blurted out 555-SANTA. And after a few seconds of her scanning over my face for any hints that I may be lying, she bought it and started listening better . . . just for that day of course. Thank God she never tried calling it.

Unfortunately for the hubby and I she now knows the truth about Santa and I can not use that tactic with her anymore. Cause for some reason she has has the idea that a big fat jolly guy might not bring her presents if she’s naughty but her mom and dad will.

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