Five On Friday – Hand Me Down

1. Have you ever worn hand-me-downs? Who did you get them from?
Actually I didn’t wear hand me downs. The reason being is that I was an only child and all the other children in my family around my age where all boys.

2. Have you ever given hand-me-downs? Who did you give them to?
Yes. We usually give Raven’s old cloths to my cousin’s daughters.

3. How do you feel about hand-me-downs in general? Do you like the idea of recycling things or does it bother you to have something used?
I think it is a great idea. We have some extremely pretty dresses that Raven only wore once or twice and they are in like new condition. Why just keep it in the closet when someone else could be enjoying it.

4. Do you ever visit yard sales? (maybe you call them garage sales, tag sales, junk sales, etc…)
I love yard sales and flea markets! All three of us do.

5. If given $25,000 to buy furniture and decorate your home, would you buy new pieces or antiques? Why?
I would buy what ever we liked. It could be a mixture of new and used items.

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