Warm Fuzzies

Helping people gives you a feeling of satisfaction. You will experience what I call the warm fuzzies. And now you can help people in ways that you never thought you could such as Car Donations. If you have an old car, plane, boat, trailer or RV you can donate it to Car angel who uses your donation to help:

– single mothers
– distribute educational materials
– homeless
– teen and adult rehabs
– food distribution
– orphans

Also if there is a certain charity that you would like your donation to go to you can suggest it to Car Angel Ministries and they will try to make your requests their top priority. When your vehicle is donated, Car Angel Ministries processes them quickly. Individual donations are sold by the requested charity at retail and wholesale auctions. The funds that are generated from the auctions go to help those in need and the donor is able to quickly disposal of their unwanted vehicle. The donor will receive a IRS tax deduction and avoid paperwork and smog certificate problems at the DMV. You will also avoid the hassles of trying to sell your car. Plus Car Angel Ministries will pick up your vehicle for free whether it is in working condition or not. That’s right. You car doesn’t even have to run for you to donate it. It’s a win – win situation for everyone involved.

So if you have a car or boat that you do not use, why not donate it and get those warm fuzzies.

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