My Ego is Bruised

Madonna, the once talented songstress that has now turned into a frightening muscular zombie, at a recent concert in NYC accosted a fan and then the rest of the audience when she didn’t get the response she thought she deserved. “Why are you sitting? I’m busting my ass up here. Clap for me! My ego is bruised now!” she spouted out like the annoying over the top diva that she is.

What the hell happened to Madonna? She sounds horrible and looks even worse! And then she comes off with this high and mighty snobbish attitude that makes me want to push her down a flight of stairs. The tells of the bogey man in the closet will soon be replaces with tales of Madonna hiding in there. Just waiting for little kids to fall asleep so she can still their souls. Cause ya know, that’s what Madonna does in her free time.

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    October 15, 2008 at 2:12 pm

    I heard today that she and her husband are getting a divorce. Maybe that’s why she’s cranky. It’s either that or PMS. 🙂

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