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We are one of the lucky ones. London, our full blooded german shepherd, is a wonderful well behave dog. He knows the usual sit, stay, down commands. We figured that since he would grow up to be a pretty large dog that we should enroll him into some type of training class when he was young so he could learn who was in control. So when he was 6 months old Mike and I took him to a training class where they taught the normal commends. This provided a bond between Mike and London which I bet can not ever be broken. It also showed London who was in charge and I am sure that, that 6 week course was what helped London grow into the well behaved dog that he is today. Unfortunately there are many dogs out there that need some behavior training and need it badly. Like this family member of ours who dog, who shall remain nameless, is pretty much out of control. This person does not want to take their canine to a behavior class so I suggested investing in some dog training equipment to help try to get a handle on her unruly pooch. But it just seems to fall on deaf ears. Maybe for Christmas I should get this person a gift certificate from Signaturek9.com. But she probably wouldn’t use it and would end up being a waste of our hard earned money.

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    August 28, 2007 at 10:36 pm

    omg you have the cutest voice!! and yes, London is very well behaved! I wish I could get my animals to respond like he does haha. :rbangry:

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