Invite Nightmare

Before Mike and I’s wedding on December 8, 2001 there was a few set backs for the us. Ones that put a dapper on the whole wedding planning process. The mess that started with the wedding invitations was the thing that made Mike and I just want to scrap the whole wedding idea and elope. See, we had some bad luck with the company we originally ordered our wedding invitations from. I guess it would just be easier to tell y’all the whole story then to just try to summerize it . . . so here it goes . . .

After much deliberation on to go with either Mix and Match wedding invitations or Cinderella theme wedding invites we decide to stick with our theme. So after even more searching for Cinderella invites at a price that would fit into our wedding budget Mike and I decided to go ahead and order our wedding invites from a company called Disney Events (not in anyway affiliated with the Disney Company).

In the beginning of July 2001, I sent a check for the total amount of the invitations to the company. I was then contacted on July 9, 2001 by a representative of the company and was told that they have received my check and that I would be receiving our invitations in about 10 days. We processed to talk about my wedding and the representative went over the invitation details to make sure everything was how it was suppose to be. After my pleasant conversation with the women on the phone I was quite pleased and was looking forward to receiving our invites.

On July 12, 2001 my check was cashed.

After a couple of weeks went by and I had yet to received my order so I tried to contact the company with no luck. They would not reply to the many emails I sent them and their phone number had been disconnected. So needless to say I was starting to panic. Here we had paid the allotted amount for invitations from our budget and it looked as if we were going to have to somehow come up with an extra $300 to $500 to reorder invites.

Not knowing what else to do Mike and I went to the bank and got the canceled check and after inspecting it we found out that the check had been altered. See I made the check out to the name of the company but someone had wrote beside that “or Lisa Wright”. You could clearly see that it did not match the handwriting or even the same ink color as what was originally written on the check. We brought this to the attention of the bank teller and told her what was going on. She then proceeded to call the bank that the check was cashed at. After a few hours we where able to get our money back since the bank failed to take proper precautions.

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