Saturday Special – Creative Adventure

1. While sailing on vacation the sea gets rough and your boat hits against the rocks of an island, you __________?:
Turn on my mad MacGyver skills and use the 3 inch piece of string and paper clip that I just happen to have in my pocket to construct a new boat to get myself to shore.

2. In front of you is a small cliff with a lighthouse, you __________?:
Immediately remember all the survival technics that I have learned from watching Survivor Man and decide that the lighthouse would make a good shelter.

3. You are able to climb the cliff and enter the lighthouse, when __________?:
Ewan McGregor stumbles out from behind some old boxes soaking wet. He explains how his boat has also hit the rocks of the island and that he barely made it to shore.

4. Happy to be able to, you __________?:
Remove Ewan’s soaking wet clothes from his gorgeous naked body 🙂

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    misty wagner
    September 17, 2007 at 9:42 am

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I was so happy to see that you did!

    This was great! I was loving your answers until Ewan stumbled out soaking wet… I don’t know, psychologically speaking- I think your thought process works perfectly!

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