Tokyo Gore Police

Yeah, so I am really, really wanting to see the over the top Japanese gore film called Tokyo Gore Police. Anyone close to me knows my love for horror movies, gore, jhorror (japanese horror movies) and the soft spot that will probably always be in my heart for most things Japanese. So it’s no surprise that this movie (which releases on DVD in October) would immediately catch my attention.

The movie’s about a group of mutated humans called Engineers. The mutation allows them to create weapons out of their wounds — including a man who turns his bitten off penis into a cannon. There’s also a female Engineer who, after getting her breasts sliced off, begins lactating acid, burning the flesh off her victims. OK, I’m sure you get the picture. The Tokyo police have become a privatized force specializing in hunting down said Engineers.

So, yeah. Watch the trailer. Tell me you love it. Tell me you hate it. Tell me I am a sick bastard. Just tell me something.

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