I’m Dressing Up This Year

At work we are allowed to dress up for Halloween. So of course I am going to take part in it and hopefully win the costume contest. I just don’t know what to be. I thought about possibly going ahead and spending the $80 on a Battle Royale costume. I love that movie. Have seen it hundreds of times. I first saw it years ago and that movie is what got me started on the whole Japanese culture.

Anywho, I thought about it but the costume is just really like a school uniform and doesn’t really look Halloweeny. So I’m not sure if I will go with that or possibly something else. Any suggestions?

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    September 24, 2008 at 5:48 pm

    The battle one sounds really cool. But then again, the price isn’t. LOL. I thought about dressing up also, just to have some fun with my kids. I saw a few at wal-mart I liked. As always though, we wait until the last minute to buy anything.

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