Work Hard, Get Paid Shit

I work as a Housekeeper at a hotel chain. I clean anywhere from 11 to 22 rooms. I will list the stuff that has to be preformed in each room so y’all will get an idea of what it is that I do exactly.

– Strip the bed of the dirty sheets and pillowcases, take the dirty towels out of the room. Throw all dirty items down laundry shoot.
– Make the bed with clean sheets and pillowcases. The bed can either be 2 twins or a king and possible a couch bed or roll away.
– Empty the two trash cans
– Clean the bathroom counter top
– Clean the bathroom mirror
– Clean the shower
– Clean the toilet
– Clean the bathroom floor (which is getting down on our hands and knees with a rag and cleaning fluid).
– Dust everything (the stands, the pictures, the tv, the clock radio, the phone, the coffee maker, the light fixtures).
– Check all lights, replace light bulbs if needed.

– Stock the room with the following:
::4 Cold Cups
::4 Hot Cups
::2 Decaf Coffees
::2 Regular Coffees
::2 Swizzle Stick packages
::1 Ice Bucket Bag
::2 Trash Can Liners
::1 Drycleaning Bag
::1 Drycleaning Order Form
::1 Pen
::1 Notepad
::4 Towels
::3 Hand Towels (folded in a cute and annoying way)
::3 Wash clothes (folded in a cute and annoying way and placed inside of hand towels)
::1 Bath Mat
::1 Shampoo
::1 Conditioner
::1 Mouthwash
::1 Moisturizer
::1 Bath Soap
::1 Face Soap
::1 Makeup Remover Pad
::2 Rolls of Toilet Paper
::1 Box of Tissues

– Run Sweeper
– Frebreeze room

And depending on what day it is we have to do extra stuff like Wednesday is grout the floors day. We do all that (plus some extra shit) for a crappy $6.75 an hour. Yeah. Not much. Not enough to live on. I need to find a better job that pays more.

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    October 1, 2008 at 11:05 am

    My mom used to work at a Best Western. She hated it but did her job well. The last straw was a room strewn with monkey shit, and she has a load of health problems so it would have likely landed her in the hospital with an infection. The manager wouldn’t switch her rooms so she walked out.

    Natasha´s last blog post..I Love My iPod

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