I Quit!

This past week has been an eventful one.

I pretty much quit my job. Friday the 26th of September was pretty much my last day. I just couldn’t take it anymore. We get paid shit, work our asses off and to top it off we don’t know what days we have off until we call in that day to see if we work or not. Working there pretty much made my life a whole last minute decision thing and I did not like that, not one bit. I want a job were I work day shifts Monday thru Friday and have weekends off. I know, that seems like too much to ask for but that is what I am going to try to get. Cause I want to be with my daughter and husband when they are not at work or school. Why is that so horrible?

So I went up to Manpower, it’s a company that places applicants in temporary jobs, on Monday and applied and then had to come back on Thursday October 2 to do my interview and testing. I did testing in data entry, Excel, Microsoft Works, typing and proof reading (which I did above average in all those yay me). So I am just waiting to hear something back about (hopefully) a job that suits me.

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