Well, my Christmas was pretty dog gone good. On Christmas Eve we went down to Mike’s grandfather house. We were able to hang out and bull shit with Donielle and Eric who came in from VA for the Holidays. It’s always good to be around them cause we always seem to have a great time. After we left Grandpa’s, Donielle and Eric came back home with us to play a little Guitar Hero which I think we all had a blast doing that.

On Christmas morning Raven opened up all her gifts and I am pretty sure she is happy with them. She got most of the stuff she had on her Christmas list (I would say about 96%).

Raven took these photos:

What Santa brought Raven:

All the Inuyasha items.

All the Naruto items.

All the Death Note items.

Various items.

After she got everything unwrapped and played with a little we got dressed and went to my Aunt’s house for lunch.

Later on that night Donielle and Eric came over to play some more Guitar Hero.

Raven took loads of pictures (I didn’t take any LOL) so I will upload her photos later on today.

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    December 30, 2008 at 3:01 pm

    Sounds like you had a good Christmas! Love the new layout by the way! I’ll be checking regularly for new posts <3

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