Last, Last Minute Gifts

With the holidays gone and behind us most people have all ready done all of there shopping and exchanged their gifts. I, on the other hand am not one of those people. Seeing how some of our family members live out of state we end up not seeing them until well into the new year. That gives me a chance to save on some after Christmas deals and get said relatives something really good at a cheap price.

Yeah for me!

When shopping for gifts I always try to put a lot of though and effort into getting the receiver something that they want or need that also has some heart in it. Something like personalized holiday gifts are always a good choice but they can be a tad bit expensive.

That is until now! If you order before the end of the year with Pexagon you can save 20% off of 4 of their popular personalized gifts.

I am leaning towards ordering a few of their Personalized Thumb Drives for my three step-brothers. The thumb drives have a 16GB capacity and are available in 14 colors so I can pick and choose their favorite colors or select one of their 32 themes. It also includes two lines of personalized text so I can have engraved Loser Face on my brother Alex’s. And seeing as they start out at $7.99 it won’t make my wallet weep.



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