Doggie Dash? What The . . .

I spend a lot of time online. Maybe too much time online . . . Nah, you can never spend too much time on the web. Anywho, besides blogging and checking out myspace I also like to watch tv online. Ya know, get the Latest Celebrity News , watch episodes of my favorite shows (USA’s original show Psych is just to freakin hilarious and Shawn is so hot) and do the other normal (and some probably not so normal) things that one does on the internet.

So when I come across an awesome Online News Portal site that lets you stay up to date on everything from the political goings on in Washington to Digital Music News then you know I can’t keep it to myself!

Clear365.com is the name and providing quality news, sports, entertainment, music and photos under one roof is their game. Heck, I can even get global news. Like if I wanted to find out more about the premium tuna that fetched $100,000 in a Tokyo auction I know that Clear365.com has the info that I am looking for.

Plus they have a games section where you can play everything from bejeweled to mah jong to zuma to some game called doggie dash that I have no idea what it is about. All for Free. That’s right F R E E.

So head on over to Clear365.com and bookmark it cause you know you’re going to be visiting that site more then a time or two.

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