Magnext Virtual

So, you all know how I probably spend a little too much time online or on the 360 playing games. Well, it seems that Raven has inherited more then just my love for movies and most things Japanese. She also can be found online playing games when she should be doing other things.

Magnext Virtual is just is the type of site that she would amuse herself with for awhile. And I must say I did also for about 45 minutes testing out the games and movie around their virtual world.

Personally I thought the racing game was the best. You have to steer your car (which looks more like a go cart) over the boost signs to make it go faster. You also have to look out for walls and the anti boost signs that make you go slower. That’s what I spent most of my time doing.

Magnext Virtual offers games for just about all ages. Some of the games are geared towards younger children, these are the ones that I know for sure that Raven will turn her nose up at. Those games are great for anyone who has 5 year olds running around. I think I will show my cousin’s daughter that game next time they come up for a visit.

Anywho, if you a few minutes why not check out MagNext .

Screenshot of me playing one of their games.


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