Is Your Computer Secure?

We all know how important security is now a days. That includes protection for your computer. How many times have “private” pictures of celebrity been broadcast all over the news, magazines and web because their computer was hacked and the photos leaked.

We all have heard and seen the damage that hackers can do and leaving your computer open to those attacks can be extremely dangerous. So how can one combat these criminals?

Well, one way would be to beat them at there own game. Become a hacker yourself. Actually an Ethical Hacking.

An ethical hacker attacks a computer’s security system on behalf of the owner to find vulnerabilities in the system so that the owner can take the necessary steps to securing his computer and network thus protecting it from criminal hackers.

Sounds more then a little cool doesn’t it. So how does one go about becoming an ethical hacker, you may be asking yourself. Well, you could head on over to EC-Council and take a look at their online classes which are both thorough and flexible.

EC-Council offers the following categories to help you become a Certified Ethical Hacker:

-Security Fundamentals
-Ethical Hacking
-Penetration Testing
-Computer Forensics
-Disaster Recovery
-Secure Programming

All which are live, online instructor led training so you get the class room type teaching in the comfort of your own home. What’s better then learning a new trade that could line your pockets with money (along with helping boost IT Security) in your pajamas?


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