A Common Occurrence

The other morning I went out into the kitchen to get a bowl of frosted flakes, of course whenever I am heading in the direction of said kitchen Jedi will follow (or sometimes even pass me) to make sure that I know he is there and alive just in case the mood would strike me to give him some kind of tasty goodie. After getting my bowl of frosted goodness, I retired back into the bedroom to watch a little boob tube and eat my cereal. Of course no meal is complete without the orange furball of orneriness jumping up on the bed to nosey around a little.

This is the interchange that we had.

Jedi: Meow
Me: You will not eat frosted flakes, Jedi.
Jedi: Meow.
Me: You won’t eat it.
Jedi: Meoooow.
Me: Jedi, I am not lying to you. You know damn well you will not eat frosted flakes!
Jedi: Meooooow.
Me: No you won’t! If you would I would give you a piece.
Jedi: Meoooooooow.
Me: Yes I would!
Jedi: Meoooooow.
Me: You won’t eat it so I’m not wasting a piece.
Jedi: Meooooow.
Me: No!
Jedi: Meoooow.
Me: I said no!
Jedi: Meow Meow Meow.
Me: No! No! NO!
Jedi: Meoooooooow!
Me: (putting a piece of frosted flakes on the bed) Fine. There you go.

Jedi looks at it, taps it with his paw and then sniffs it. He proceeds to give me a look like I am a r-tard and jumps off the bed without even touching it (not counting the little tap he gave it with his paw).

Even when I know I am right, why do I always give into him and his kitty cuteness?


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    October 12, 2009 at 1:16 am

    My cat’s the same. The only thing she’ll actually accept out of my hand is meat, but she still has to come sniff and examine everything I eat. And I have a REALLY hard time keeping her away from milk! If I’m drinking it or eating cereal with it, she’ll just stick her head right into the glass or bowl and start lapping it up.

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