Hand Me The Tylenol

The webhosting company I have now is not that user friendly. I am having issues with connecting to ftp clients. No matter what I do or what ftp client I use there is always an error with connecting to the host. I have scoured their help sections and forums with no luck. I even googled my problems and still have not found a solution that works. So I turned to their support center. Ugh. I hate their support center. They are nothing but a headache. I told them my problems and they just kept telling me that my user name and / or password must be wrong. When I told them that it clearly states in the ftp client that my password and username is correct, that it is a problem connecting to the host. They dismiss me as a novice and tell me to check my username and password.

I could feel a headache coming on.

So, it looks like I may be on the hunt for a new website hosting company.

That alone in itself can be one heck of a headache. But hopefully with the help of Webhosting Geeks I can find a good company without having to do an endless search on google. See, Webhosting Geeks is a webhosting reviews and ratings site that list everything you want and need to know about a hosting company. No more visiting countless sites to find the info you need. Everything is in one place on one site.

Easy Peasy!

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