An Update to What is Wrong.

This is an update to the post I wrote a few days ago about some medical problems I have been having. So I will let everyone know what is going on. The test results from my 4 vials of blood came back. My iron is really, really low which is no shocker to me cause I have been anemic since the day I was born. My mom even had to give me liquid iron through an eye dropper when I was a baby. Dr M said I am just a few notches above getting a blood transfusion. He said I am beyond anemic. Him and the nurses couldn’t understand how I get myself up out of bed every morning. They said I must feel like complete shit, which I do. But I have felt this way for most of my adult life. I just thought this was how I was suppose to feel. My ferritin (which is my iron reserve) is damn near dry. When your ferritin dips to 70 or lower many doctors will start you on a prescription iron pill. My ferritin is 2. My vitamin D is way low as well. But none of that would give cause to the pain I am feeling in my abdomen.

Donna: Maybe your pregnant!
Me: I’m not pregnant.
Donna: I want you to be pregnant so we can have a shower!
Me: I’m not pregnant but y’all can still by me gifts if you want.
Donna: Dr M! Maybe Amanda’s pregnant!
Me: I’m not pregnant,
Dr M: Go pee in a cup.
Me: See! See what you did Donna! Now I have to pee in a cup.
Donna: I hope you’re pregnant!
Me: When the test comes back negative I get one of those fun size Hershey bars in your drawer there.

Me: (handing Nurse D my urine specimen) Got a present for you.
Nurse D: Wow, that’s clear.
Me: Well if my pee’s not good enough for you then just give it back.
Nurse D: You sure that’s not water.
Me: Taste it and find out.

The test comes back negative and I get me one of Donna’s fun size Hershey bars. They also tested for UTI which came back negative. But Nurse D was concerned about my urine being so clear. It could of past for water.

With all those ruled out Dr M decied to send me for an ultrasound of my abdomen. So yesterday morning I went up to Medbrook and had the ultrasound done and as it turns out I have gall stones that have to be removed. Whenever everyone at work found out they couldn’t believe it cause my pain is on the opposite side of the gall stones.

I don’t yet know when my surgery is going to be. Dr M is sending me to Dr Hrko to have them removed. I have a consultation with Dr Hrko on November 6. I will find out then when they will cut me open.

If anyone out there feels sorry for me having to be gutted sometime in the near future you are more then welcome to buy me gifts. I also accept cash.


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    October 29, 2009 at 11:38 am

    I have gall stones too (diagnosed in July), and every attack comes with rather hideous pains and forces me into hospital rest for a few days with IV pain relief. I’ve been on a gallbladder removal list for ~4 months now (they promised I’d get a surgery in 3.6 months – guess I was a fool to expect them hold their end of the bargain) because my liver stats on blood tests are too high. The highest value they’re allowed to be IIRC is 70-or-so, mine bounce from 490 all the way up to 680 and my stones are like 1/3 of my gallbladder.

    Are they removing just the stones or the entire gallbladder for you? If it makes you feel better, the surgery isn’t a super-huge deal. They’ll knock you out, poke ~4 holes in your tummy, pump you full of air and then when you wake up, they give you pooploads of pain meds to keep you nice and drugged up for 1-2 days. Could be worse. XD

    I wish I had cash to send you (with gallbladder pain, you’ve earned it). Instead, I shall send you virtual Litalgin to help with any possible related pain! *sends*

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    November 14, 2009 at 1:49 pm

    Oh MY GOSH! Two doctors have suggested I have gallstones, I’m too chicken to find out. I’ll be waiting to find out how easy or hard this surgery is for you, if you have surgery? Is it always surgery? I’ve heard it’s not a big deal, so I’ll cross my fingers for you.

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