Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving was actually nice. Better then it has been the past three years.

First Mike, Raven and I went to my mother in law’s boyfriend’s house at 1pm. My mother in law fixed dinner over there and we ate and talked to my sister in law (Donielle) and her husband (Eric) (Donielle and Eric are two of the coolest people ever!). After that we left and meet Donielle and Eric down at my father in laws house and had dinner with him and my grandfather in law at about 6pm. I made chocolate covered marshmallows and a crunchy almond pumpkin cheesecake. I love spending time with Donielle and Eric. I always have a good time hanging out and talking to them. It really is a shame that we don’t get to see each other that often.

Raven, Mike and Me

Grandpa, Raven, Roger (my father in law), Mike and Me

Donielle, Grandpa and Eric

Donielle and Raven

Eric and Raven

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    Louis Dizon
    December 5, 2009 at 10:48 am

    Happy thanksgiving to you and your family! It’s good to know that Thanksgiving brings smiles to our faces.

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