Will Someone Please Tell Me?

When do you start calling yourself a professional and when do people start taking you seriously? I always thought that if you are getting paid for performing the service or work then you are considered a professional.

The people around me beg to differ.

I work from home as a freelance writer and photographer. When people find out that I quit my previous job as a medical receptionist to pursue my true passion of photography (while doing freelance writing to supplement my income) they make snide remarks (with an up turned nose) and hint around that I don’t have a real job.

Excuse me?

I am paying bills, rent and buying groceries with the money I make from my “fake” jobs. People are paying me to photograph them, while a reputable business (which I had to send a resume to with writing samples before being hired) are paying me to write articles. How is that fake? I get a W2 from the freelance work and have to pay taxes on all income I receive from both the photography and writing. I also have a business license for my photography.

So will someone please tell me how I don’t have a real job?

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    April 2, 2010 at 2:27 am

    People just don’t get it. If something differs from what they consider the “norm” then they just don’t accept it. It really angers me. You are completely right, though. Your job is real and probably more rewarding than theirs because you have such a passion for it. You show them!

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