Blog Challenge Day 06 – Warlock Heal Macro

Day 06: Get a guest blogger to blog this day about any topic the guest blogger wants.

The guest blogger is Katfish  from Game Over who is also my husband. Please visit his blog and show some love!

Whether I’m in PvP or PvE, I will normally be using Fel Amror. Fel Amror is the best option for DPSing but Demon Armor is better for returning health. To switch armor and use a health pot or my fel healthstone, I use a macro.

/cast Demon Armor
/use Fel Healthstone

Clicking the above macro will switch armor and use your Fel Healthstone with just the one click. If you want, you could add other health items to the end of the macro, such as:

/cast Demon Armor
/use Fel Healthstone
/use Runic Healing Potion

I choose not to do this because most items aren’t able to be used in PvP arenas. One problem about I hear about with putting mutlible items to be used in the macro is: “I don’t really want to use every healing option I have all at once”. It actually depends on your situation I guess. I’ve been in a life or death situation where I really needed to blow my Healthstone and Healing potion together. For the most part I really don’t need to though.

Using the macro here will give you more health back then if you was still in Fel Armor when the Healthstone was used. Of course you would be using a little mana to switch armors, but to me I feel the small lose in mana is worth it.

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    August 26, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    LOL, I did not understand this post at all. But I bet anything my husband Peter would know! LOL I don’t play WOW, but he does….

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