October Is Not Going Well

October has started out kinda crappy. The last few days it has been extremely cold, rainy and just a downright dreary day. The sun has not been out for more than a few minutes if even that. For those of you in my area wanting a tan (I like being pale) looks like you are going to have to use indoor tanning lotion because the sun just does not want to make an appearance. My Halloween plans look like they are going to bust. It is getting rather pathetic that I make these plans to have some fun and life comes along and tells me “Sorry sweetie, you cannot have any fun or happiness.” Sometimes, I just want to kick life in the freaking face! Money is a major issue for having to scrape my Halloween plans. Things arise that I am going to be force to pay for even though I should not be. What the hell ever happened to Karma or the golden rule?

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    October 8, 2010 at 10:16 pm

    That sucks! You were so looking forward to your Halloween plans 🙁 I’m sorry to hear that it’s not going to work out. Hopefully you can save up and have the BEST EVER Halloween next year! At least you will be able to hand out candy and see all the kid’s cute costumes!

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