What Is Wrong With People?

I have been getting easily pissed off by people (especially a certain family member of mine and many of my husband’s) because of their absolute disrespect and better-than-you behavior. I believe in the Golden Rule (treat others as you want to be treated) but what these people seem to believe in Treat Me Like Gold and I Will Treat You Like Shit. I helped a certain family member with information (tips and tricks) and she turns around and uses it to be a competitor of mine. I just want to bitch slap her! Add on to that the I’m Looking Down on You Because I’m Hot Shit and Better Than You In Every Way attitude from some of my husband’s family members and I just about to crack! I have kept my mouth shut to keep the peace but no more. Ya here me! NO MORE! I just need to get away from everything and start pricing Orlando vacations. Just me and my daughter. Having fun in Walt Disney World and visiting the new Harry Potter attraction at Universal Studios. Gosh, that sounds lovely! But alas, I am stuck here dealing with jackasses.

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