My Decision

My long time readers know that last January I left one of the healthcare jobs that many people say will not take a hit with the bad economy. I was medical receptionist at a local doctor’s office. Even though I loved everyone I worked with (except for one and her behavior was a major decision for my leaving) I had to leave. Not only was I having problems with the office manager but I was just not happy with my life and I decided to take a drastic step and find what would make me happy. That meant living a pretty secure job to work full time as a freelance writer and begin to build up my photography business. The one-year anniversary of my decision is coming up soon. Since then I have had many people look down on me because in their eyes I do not have a job, I just sit on the computer all day. They say I was wreckless and stupid for making that decision. However, I see it completely different. Since leaving my job, I have been able to spend more time with my daughter (before I was too tired and just did not want to do anything but finish the household chores and relax) and I am here when my family needs me. If my mom needs a ride to her doctor’s appointment, she does not have to find someone else to take her because I am working and cannot get that day off. Since leaving my job, I do not have to ask permission to take a few hours to go to a school event of my daughters. If I want to take a day off, I can. So, people can go ahead and look down on me while I am doing something I enjoy and have the time to spend with my family.

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