Christmas Mode Is On!

With Christmas fast approaching, I am in full Holiday mode and loving every minute of it. I am getting things organized and moved in anticipation of the Christmas tree (which will probably be put up this week or the following week). I have even started shopping around for Christmas cards and have decided to go with Shutterfly. I have used them in the past for photo printing and was extremely satisfied with the prints and the price so I know I will get a high-quality product without giving up my first-born child. The only problem I am having is trying to decide on which one of their many photo Christmas cards that I am going to use. I have narrowed it down to four. Yes, I said four.

I am kind of leaning more toward the Family Wall Noir Christmas Card because I love the way the black and red look together. The color scheme is just so different and unique from the typical holiday cards we usually send out. However, the other three designs have stuck with me for their more traditional look and I love how the Family Story Christmas Card allows for ten photos to be used. Gah! I just do not know which on to choose!

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