Happy Valentine’s Day

I use to hate Valentine’s Day. And not just when I was single. For the longest time after dating my husband (and after getting married), I continued to hate Valentine’s Day. I truly do not know the reason why I hated it so much but I did. When my husband and I were going through our extremely rough patch, I began to change in many ways and I credit those changes with why my feelings of Valentine’s Day transitioned into what they are now a days. I began to become indifferent to this holiday. I use to loathe it but now I don’t mind it one way or another. I know many people hate this day, as I once did. However, for those girls out there who don’t have a husband or boyfriend who is romantic every other day or buys them gifts just for the hell of it, Valentine’s Day lets us experience a little taste of what other girls get on a near daily basis. Yeah, it may suck that our husbands have to be told by a holiday to do something extra special for us. However, It’s not that they don’t love us. It’s just not in their nature. Some guys are romantic on their own while others are not. And I have learned to deal with it and be happy no matter what. So, here’s to my husband whom I have been with for 15 years of my life, he is not the most romantic guy in the world but means well all the same! Happy Valentine’s Day Mike! I love you!

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