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After being with someone for almost 16 years, it is not uncommon to get yourself in a rut. Not that there is anything wrong with our bedroom antics but it is always nice to add something new for a little boost every now and again. I had previously ordered a few things from EdenFantasys in the past and each order I received was promptly shipped in a discreet package (don’t need the mailman knowing what adult toys I have in my arsenal). Since all my experiences with EdenFantasys have been nothing but positive, I of course turned to their website when I started my search for sexy costumes. Halloween is my favorite holiday (tied with Christmas) and I thought that since we have our own home now that I would treat myself to two costumes. One to wear in public (which I am leaning towards Magenta from The Rocky Horror Picture Show) and the other one to wear just for my hubby. The only problem I am having is deciding which one to get! EdenFantasys offers so many high quality costumes (as well as hundreds of awesome sex toys) that I am torn between a few.

The first outfit that caught my eye was the Darque School Girl costume. Not only is it completely sexy but I love the red and black plaid color scheme. It also offers more than just the skirt and top, and the set includes a matching bra, panties, fishnets and tie.

When I first saw the school girl costume I thought for sure I had found the one! However, I made the mistake of scrolling on down the EdenFantasys website and saw the Frisky Kitty costume. This costume leaves very little to the imagination (in a good, sexy time way). And you get to dress up as a cat Who doesn’t love cats!

I would ask my husband his opinion but I kinda want it to be a surprise. So I am asking you my dear readers. Which costume should I choose? Is there another one that you like better?

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