Making My Own Costume

Since my main client is a little dry at the moment, I know money might end up being tight for awhile and since Christmas will be coming up soon I need to start cutting back a little just in case my main client stays dry. So this year I am going to forgo purchasing a Halloween costume for myself and instead try to make one from things I already have on hand. I want to be zombie Alice in Wonderland and I already have a plain blue dress that might work. Actually the dress looks more like the dress worn by the Alice character in SyFy’s original movie Alice starring the oh so hot Andrew-Lee Potts. I have the black and white striped knee-highs, hair bow and makeup to turn myself into a zombie. Now all I have to do is add blood to the tights and maybe to the dress and I should be good. I also gotta go through my shoes and see if I have something that would work. What are you going to be for Halloween?

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    October 18, 2011 at 12:53 pm

    sounds fun! 😀 i’ve been getting into the biz (not like… money making) of making clothing, but it’s mainly for my doll for now xD ’cause i kinda still suck at it. but making your own costume sounds rawkin! make sure to take a lot of pictures too. i saw that movie, but i don’t remember what she wore in it, i’ll have to look it up xD

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