Seventy percent of the time, I feel icky. It’s mostly due to my extremely low iron (I have been on iron supplements since I was a baby and my doctor is worried about my iron dropping too low which will result in me needing a blood transfusion). Thanks to the wonderful head nurse I use to work with, she was able to run a few tests on me (using natural methods) to figure out if my body wasn’t producing iron or if it wasn’t holding on to it. According to her, my body is unable to absorb and hold on to the iron.

Anyway, the past two weeks I have been feeling even worse. It’s not a cold or flu feeling. It’s an overall general crappy feeling. And I have been having painful headaches that appears only on the left side. Performing an online search tells me I may have either a migraine or cluster headache. I found a few natural remedies (I don’t want to go to the doctors) online that I am going to try tomorrow. Hopefully they help.

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    November 6, 2011 at 9:09 pm

    Wow that stinks! I hope that you feel better. <3

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