This Weather Makes Me Sad

13888419208_d2487c287f_mThese dreary days — which have been going on for a week now — are really getting to me. It’s making me even more tired then I normally am (which is pretty bad because my iron deficiency anemia keeps me extremely tired and live on caffeine just to function). And I just want to go outside and feel the sun on my face without having a cold breezy or raindrops hit my face.

Besides complaining about the weather — which I have been doing a lot of lately — I have done nothing but work. Be it work from my actual job that I am paid for or housework, that is all I seem to do anymore. Mike and I went to his company picnic Sunday and had a great time. His coworkers/friends are pretty awesome and I like hanging out with them.

So how is everyone’s Spring going so far? Raven is almost done with her junior year of high  school. Her last day is the 28th of May (I think) and then she is off for the summer. I am looking forward to her summer break. Means I don’t have to get up at 5:40 every weekday morning.

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