Backfiring In My Fat Face

“The one thing about Hitler that I admire is that he wouldn’t take any shit from magicians.” – Larry David

Sometimes I wonder why I even try. When I began restricting my calorie limit again, I knew it was going to be difficult. What I didn’t know is that I would actually gain weight. So, yeah. Fuck counting calories. I’m just going to up my activity limit a little more and forgo the whole calorie counting racket.

Our diet is in for a drastic change though. Diabetes runs in my husband’s family, and he has been experiencing symptoms associated with pre diabetes. So, until he gets in to see a doctor we are trying to slowly change our diet to one that more closely resembles that of a pre diabetic. This means we have been doing a ton of research trying to find the best course of action. If y’all have any tips or information you want to pass on about pre diabetes, please do so! I would greatly appreciate it.

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