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I failed at the June blog challenge, which is really no surprise to me ‘cause I knew I couldn’t keep it up. Oh well. Besides being a big fat failure at the whole regular blogging thingy, I have been working, working, working. And when I’m not working, I’m constantly looking for work. The content sites I write for are a bit dry at the moment, and I have to keep pushing through just to try to make ends meet. Bills don’t stop just because the work isn’t there.

On the positive side, the work-is-drying-up situation as made me start to think/find other ways to make a little extra money. So, I have been trying out different homemade items that I can sell on my Etsy store. I haven’t listed any of them yet, but I plan to within the next month. While I do love my job, the uncertainty of it is leaving me a bit frazzled and stressed. Being able to fall back on something would be a nice cushion.

Besides all that stuff, nothing else is really going on. Raven came back yesterday from spending the weekend at my Dad’s in Ohio, and our plants are planted in the garden. Oh what an exciting life I lead.

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    June 20, 2014 at 8:55 am

    Awe, yeah that’s crumby that you couldn’t keep up with the June blog challenge. I know how you feel, though. As much as I would love to participate in a daily blog entry for a challenge during the month, I know I would fall behind a day or two for sure -_-

    The homemade items idea for your Etsy store sounds like a nifty idea, I’m actually in the process of making jewelry and other nifty little things for people to enjoy, myself. I hope your idea is a big hit, too 😀 People tend to appreciate homemade goodies more-so than things you can just buy at the store, because more heart goes into what they make.

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    June 28, 2014 at 4:25 pm

    I have always had a hard time blogging regularly. I have kept my domain name for a number of years but I tend to let my blog go and have taken it down a few times. I always keep the same domain cause I love the name but when it comes to blogging and finding topics I usually fail miserably too.

    I always used to think no one wanted to listen to me rant or my depressed thoughts but more people tend to leave comments and actually read when the posts are something relevant to my life as opposed to reviews, paid blogging, etc.

    I hope you do well with your etsy store. I have always wanted to make and sell things, but it never happens lol. Wishful thinking usually. What kind of home made items do you have in mind?

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